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2019 NEW USPS Mini helicopter Radio Remote Control Aircraft Micro 3.5 Channel helicopter colorful High quality Gift Toy

Posted by james021022 
Remote Control Aircraft Fuel-powered remote-controlled aircraft are classified by engine category, also known as oil-powered helicopters, while fuel-powered aircraft are powered by engines such as gasoline, kerosene and methanol.Most are driven by methanol.There are very few diesel-powered ones left.
Gasoline engine: the gasoline engine is large, used in large aircraft, and fuel economy.Fuel pump: used to fill the oil tank, manual and electric, imported and domestic, basically not much different.After using for a long time, if there is leakage of the phenomenon is more liner aging, their own cut a piece and then installed on the most good.Fuel remote-controlled aircraft is also a very early type of remote-controlled aircraft.There are a lot of them on the market today.Fuel-powered remote-controlled aircraft are not too expensive, and are the same price as other power-driven remote-controlled aircraft.The brand of remote control plane is not much, domestic do not have that brand famous, it is a few manufacturer direct production, class also is different, have the commodity of the market so, do not know Chinese manufacturer how not to make well.F3A game level a model plane has a lot of competitors to the model factory customized, have their own to do, and then the long bring the aircraft production, is a famous Japanese kyosho, JR, Hirobo, this also have several top of the world's most remote control model helicopter, F3C pilots game machine. Detailed information on 5 took imx, MX3g, etc.
www.electronic-best.com Operation is introduced
1. Beginners should learn about safety matters and operation instructions from experienced ones.
It is very dangerous to study alone.He must also be familiar with the aircraft he is flying and have known the safety precautions before starting.Dress appropriately.Do not wear necklaces or other easily wound objects.Long hair should be tied shoulder-length.Keep your feet on.Wear gloves if necessary.Sunglasses are recommended.
Wireless Charging Receiver 2. The following personnel shall not independently control the aircraft:
(1) children
(2) people who are tired, sick or drunk
(3) people with drug abuse or impaired judgment
3. Check whether the tools used to assemble or maintain the aircraft are ready according to the outfield toolbox tool list.
Check every part of the plane.
(1) before starting, check to ensure that no parts of the aircraft are damaged and work normally, the skin is not damaged and the skeleton is not broken.
(2) check the effective control distance of the remote control.
(3) replace aging parts
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (4) check and make sure that batteries for transmitter, receiver, starter, hyperbaric bag and hot burner have been fully charged.
(5) check and make sure all steering gear works smoothly.It is very dangerous for the steering gear to be out of control due to wrong operation and malfunction.
(6) check and confirm that all control links and moving parts of the connecting rod are in correct positions, screws and nuts have been properly tightened, there is no damage or improper assembly, no slack clearance or clamping.
(7) check that the screws on the engine rack are not loose.
(8) check that the blades are not damaged or worn, especially when the helicopter is near the large paddle chuck.
(9) check and confirm oil and tubing.Bent tubing, clogged oil filters, and too much fuel make it difficult to start an engine, which can stall during flight and cause a crash.
(10) keep away from fireworks when refueling.No smoking around, no leakage when filling the tank.
(11) check the hot burner.Not only does the old heat make it hard to start the engine, it can also cause it to stall in flight, causing a crash
Wireless Hearing Aid (12) the helicopter needs to check and confirm that the gyroscope is working normally.Check the direction of the gyroscope in particular.
(13) the helicopter needs to check and confirm the tail rotor drive belt for adjustment.
(14) check that the body has been properly lubricated.
(15) if there is abnormal vibration during flight, please turn off the engine to check the source of the problem.
(16) reckless flying will cause accidents and injuries. Please follow all rules and enjoy flying safely and responsibly.
Yogurt Machine Forbidden area
1. Clean up the flight area as much as possible.Remove pebbles, glass, nails, wires and other debris from the flight site
2. Pay full attention to the surrounding environment: do not fly in strong winds, rainy days or at night
Do not fly in poor ventilation or buildings. Do not fly in crowded places
Do not fly near schools, homes or hospitals. Do not fly near roads, railways or power lines
Do not fly where radio frequency interference is possible
Electric Pressure Cookers Notes editor
1. Good posture for maintaining value.Do not sit or lie on the ground to operate.It's easy to fall on the slope, please be careful.
2. Turn off the engine.Adjust the body or remote control. When the body needs maintenance or has abnormal shaking, it should not be in other potentially dangerous situations.
3. Please follow the following principles when starting the engine.Make sure there are no other people or obstacles in the area, firmly grasp the body, and make sure the remote control and carburetor throttle position is low.
4. Remove hands or other objects from rotating parts to avoid injury.
5. Fly in a free and courteous manner.
6. Fatigue caused by long flight may lead to poor judgment and accidents. Take adequate rest from time to time.
7. Please operate within your own capacity. Unreasonable actions may cause accidents and injuries.
8. Do not touch the engine and exhaust pipe immediately after starting or just after turning off the engine to avoid burns
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