Electric Egg Pan Electric pressure cooker is the upgrading product of traditional pressure cooker and electric rice cooker. It combines the advantages of pressure cooker and electric rice cooker, thoroughly solves the safety problem of pressure cooker, and removes the hidden danger of common pressure cooker that has plagued consumers for years.Its thermal efficiency is more than 80%, saving time and energy.
Operation mode editing
The performance value of electric pressure cooker products may be refined: safety, energy saving, delicious and healthy, fashionable and high-grade, automatic and convenient, durable.According to the operation mode of electric pressure cooker, it can be divided into traditional mechanical operation and new microcomputer operation.
Manual operation
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Mechanical operation is also called manual operation, which is the traditional operation mode of electric pressure cooker. It mainly operates various functions of electric pressure cooker by button, switch and other button methods.
Closing method of air valve of electric pressure cooker: rotate the air valve clockwise.
Advantages: no multifarious functions, simple operation, suitable for proficient cooks to use.
Bladder type editing
Stainless steel
Wireless Charging Receiver Choose electric pressure cooker liner, stainless steel liner is the best, durable and safe, in line with health requirements.With stainless steel bladder stew for a long time, friction out of the small scratches will not be seen out, but there is a problem, stainless steel heating blind spots, easy to cook porridge paste!So electric rice pan USES stainless steel bottom very few, the bottom had better be alloy compound bottom, heat transfer is even, cook rice not paste bottom, do not put for a long time, the problem is not big.Stainless steel is required for pharmaceutical production of sterile products.
Black crystal
"Black crystal liner" is made of high strength alloy material, dark and bright, high strength.Its outer surface is further processed by aerospace oxidation technology, so that the surface hardness of the liner is only inferior to that of diamond.The inner pan is easier to clean and less sticky.And wear resistance than common ordinary coatings increased by more than 10 times.
Wireless Hearing Aid ceramic crystal thickness kettle bladder is only second to stainless steel bladder, so, choose to use double bile, generally the best choice of stainless steel bladder + ceramic crystal thickness kettle, again is color lang bladder + ceramic crystal thickness kettle, the last is color lang + non-stick.An inner tank is basically a ceramic crystal thick cauldron.Tao intracrystalline bravery is applied to the rice cooker, electric pressure cooker and other home appliances new technologies, the mould surface successfully attach a layer of ceramic material, also can use ceramic material of natural not sticky, and anti-scrape abrasion resistance and far infrared heating performance to improve the performance of the traditional tank, its thermal efficiency is more than the traditional common cooking hard bladder 3 ~ 4 times.At the same time, the precious metal ions in the "ceramic crystal" can inhibit mixing automatically, persistently and effectively.
A pot of two
It is suggested to match the double bladder. The compound coating liner is mainly used for meat. The compound coating liner is easy to absorb the taste, and the taste of meat may be a little residual after the meat cleaning.Stainless steel inner is mainly used to make porridge, so as not to confuse the taste.In addition, some electric pressure cooker factory is double bile (stainless steel liner and composite coating liner), but most of the pot factory is a bile, may also send a bile through promotion, to see clearly when buying.
Improper selection
Yogurt Machine It is to want to buy pressure cooker selectively above all, must choose the pressure cooker that has brand, manufacturer, specification, quality to pass.Don't buy fakes.Pressure cooker from the specifications, there are generally cm four models.Your small family can buy small size;With a large population, it's natural to buy a large size.But if consider from thermal efficiency, you would rather choose a bit bigger advisable.Pressure cooker from the raw materials, generally divided into three kinds of aluminum, aluminum and stainless steel.The three kinds of aluminum have their own characteristics: light weight, fast heat transfer, cheap price, service life can reach more than 20 years.However, there is no doubt that using it will increase the absorption of aluminum, which is harmful to health in the long run.Aluminum alloy is better than pure aluminum products, durable and strong.Although stainless steel pressure cooker is more expensive, but it is heat resistant, beautiful, not easy and food acid, alkali, salt reaction, and the longest service life, up to 30 years.So, even if spend a little more money, also had better buy a stainless steel.
Don't learn
Somebody bought pressure cooker, ask not to learn, take to use, this is the most dangerous!For the first time, you must read the operating instructions of the pressure cooker.Be sure to follow the directions or ask a knowledgeable pedestrian for advice.Never use without learning.
Don't check before use
When using, carefully check whether the vent is unblocked and the hole under the safety seat is blocked by residual grains or other food residue.If food is blocked in the process of use, the pot should be removed from the fire source. The aging rubber ring is easy to leak air in the pressure cooker. Therefore, timely update is needed.
The handle is not
The handle of the lid must be completely coincident with the handle of the pot, so that it can be electrified to cook food. Otherwise, the lid will burst.
Without pressure
Electric Pressure Cookers It is unauthorized to increase the weight on the pressure valve when using, in order to increase the pressure in the pot, forcing the production time to be shortened.Do not know the size of pressure inside the pot is a strict technical parameters, ignoring this scientific design, is equal to joke with their own life, will cause the pot to explode the serious consequences of injury, do not risk this risk!In addition, when using, if the fusible metal sheet (plug) on the pot once off, do not allow to use other metal plug instead, should be replaced with the same new piece.
Dress too full
When using pressure cooker to put food raw materials, the capacity should not exceed the contents of the pot volume of four-fifths, if it is beans and other easy to expand food should not exceed the contents of the pot volume of two-thirds.
Halfway open
In the process of heating, never open the lid halfway, lest the food is hot.Do not remove the hammer or pressure regulating device until cooling is confirmed, otherwise the food will be ejected and hurt people.Cover should be opened only after natural cooling or forced cooling.
Sharps chipped
The pressure cooker must be cleaned in time after use, especially to check whether the safety plug contains food
Accumulation of things, residue, to keep the appearance of the pot clean do not use sharp utensils such as knives, scissors, shovel right amount of shovel pot inside and outside, or pot easily formed convex concave shape, or be shoveled out a horizontal vertical scratches, damage to the protective layer.
Open air pressure
Before opening the lid, remove and limit the pressure valve when there is no air pressure in the pot to ensure that the lid can only be opened when there is no air pressure in the pot, or forced to use cold water to cool down the pressure in the pot, and only open the lid when there is no air in the pot.Pressure cooker in the market, there are open and close cover safety protection, such as pressure inside the pot, the safety bar in the rising stage, then according to the normal use of the pot can not open the lid, such as no pressure inside the pot, the safety bar down, you can safely open the lid.When exhaust, hand or face should be far from exhaust, lest scald.
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