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Staus bar

Posted by Falcogiallo 
Staus bar
August 30, 2010 02:46PM
In other clients like StrongDC + + and ApexDC + +, in the status bar I can see some letters in brackets [z] [c] [t] [ u ],
if I remember correctly ...eye rolling smiley
Why in Jucy appear only the letter [z]?
Re: Staus bar
August 30, 2010 06:06PM
ok lets first run down what these letters mean:

S = trusted transfers
this means an encrypted transfer that also has a valid cert or is otherwise verified

Jucy displays this with a blue lock before the nick on the icon instead of using a letter.

U = untrusted Transfers
normal TLS transfers.... without any special addon ...
Jucy displays this with a yellow lock.

T = TTH checked transfers
Downloaded files are checked by their hashvalues
Jucy doesn't display this as there are no more any other kind of transfers... all are TTH checked...

Z = Zlib compression
Transfers that user zlib for compressing the transferred data.
Jucy is here the same as DC++ (Jucy just automatically disabled ZLib for transfers in the LAN but that doesn't really change anything anymore as with modern CPU, compression speed with zlib should equal line speed)

You see anything is also displayed by Jucy just a bit different.

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