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Not correctly hashing and CPU usage

Posted by jhnsmth032 
Not correctly hashing and CPU usage
September 09, 2010 02:02PM
Hi there,

Two issues using Jucy v0.85 (I think it's running as 64bit as activity monitor is identifying it as that) running on a 27" 2.66ghz i5 iMac with Snow Leopard with 8gb ram.

The most serious of these is the CPU usage, it never registers below 100% (so presumably one core plus some of another). It doesn't do this on my MBP or on my friends MB, it runs perfectly fine below 10%.

Also it seems to have issue hashing all of my shared folders returning a figure much lower than Shakespeer does and what I know to be the total amount.

Maybe a simple uninstall would fix this? however whenever I try to delete the jucy folder and put in a new one it comes back in the same form and with the same problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated smiling smiley

PS I'm not at my iMac now so am not able to upload any of the logs but hopefully I'm just doing something wrong and they won't be necessary!
Re: Not correctly hashing and CPU usage
September 09, 2010 06:42PM
Jucy's config files can be found in ~/.UC

where ~ is your home folder ...
If you want a totally clean new install you have to delete this folder too!

About the difference in sharesize.... maybe you can find more precisely what fiiles are not shared .. i.e. if there is some directory causing Jucy to hang (maybe there goes the CPU?)

Checking what directories Jucy fails should be the first step debugging as these probelms are possibly related.

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Re: Not correctly hashing and CPU usage
September 10, 2010 05:32AM
Thanks, deleting that file has made Jucy run perfectly, it seemed to start after installing plug ins last time (althought that was roughly when I started hashing to so I'm not sure which caused it). Will try hashing later when I've got the time.
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