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Searching for alternatives

Posted by Falcogiallo 
Searching for alternatives
August 30, 2010 01:40AM

thanks for this new version of Jucy.
I think I've found a little bug ....
I hope to explain well. grinning smiley

With DC + + if I download a folder with many files within a user and then i do a search for alternatives even on one of these files, DC + + automatically updates the sources founds to other files in the same folder.
With Jucy this does not happen, I have to search for alternatives for each file if I want more sources to download.
This procedure is long and tedious because we must wait the time of research of hubs.
spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

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Re: Searching for alternatives
August 30, 2010 05:48PM
ah nice feature must be something from newer versions.... when I last used dc++ it didn't have such a feature...

Not a Bug in Jucy just a new feature of DC++ .

until I change something there.. recommendation is to search for alternates with one file and then mark all files found and hit "Match Queue" ... like this you can add all the users for all files they have..

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