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File hashing & resource consumption

Posted by Falcogiallo 
File hashing & resource consumption
August 14, 2010 02:08PM

First of all thanks for the good work done so far.

In order to contribute to improve Jucy, I wanted to point out that after the hash of files, Jucy continue to consume lots of memory, + / - 1 Gb.
Only after closing the client and restart it, jucy back to have a normal consumption of resources, about 400/500 Mb.

Jucy not crash, but the consumption of resources and memory remains high after making a hash of all files, and the fans are very much noise to my ears!! grinning smiley

Windows 7 machine.
Re: File hashing & resource consumption
August 14, 2010 03:30PM
Hashing does consume a lot of ressources from the CPU though not much RAM, as anything once read and hashed can be thrown away (Garbage collected).

Problematic there is that Jucy has very reluctant memory settings. Its permitted to use large ammounts of memory for 2 reasons
1. On a file list refresh 2 file lists+index might be in RAM at the same time consuming more than usually
2. The library used to read through PDF documents for full text search can consume lots of RAM (especially with buggy PDF files, which are quite common)

So during hashing not much RAM may be needed though the allowed RAM could fill up and Java won't garbage collect as there is no need / much of the allowed space is free...
Though because this is not a nice behaviour, Jucy will enforce some extra cleaning after each file list refresh... and that should get also rid of any stuff created during hashing.

Problematic is just: that the RAM is "reserved". Windows and other OS will show lots of totally unused RAM for Jucy... Though this is actually not a problem ... as this RAM is not used, its probably swapped out/ doesn't cost you any performance.

So don't worry about it the large number shown by the OS ... the actual RAM Jucy uses should be always be below 150 MiB

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