Current Version is 0.87.1

Linux 64Bit
MacOsX x86 - 32Bit
MacOsX x86 - 64Bit
Windows 32Bit
Windows 64Bit


All versions here

Sourcecode can be retrieved from Github!

Requirements before starting:
Get a Java 8  jre for your OS:

OpenJDK sometimes produces problems (If it is configured to use GNU Classpath). In this case installing a sun-jre might be the easiest solution for this:  Helpful guide.

Though if you just get rid of GNU Classpath that should also be a solution.

Note that for the update functionality to work  Jucy needs write access to its own directory!



Unpack the zip for your OS into some directory you wish. But never unzip it over an existing Jucy installation!

User data will be stored into ~/.UC on unix  and  @user.home/UC  on windows (on Vista this is: C:\Users\<username>\UC  and on older windows C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\UC ).


Smiley Package:

Here is an example smiley package. Should give you hints if you want to create your own. (Can be set via Preferences -> Misc -> Smileys)

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