PayPal Button Removed

Today I removed the paypal donation button from the website. As it seems not to fullfill the job it was supposed to do.

I had the romantic idea that I could somehow finance the server hosting with it .. or may be a Snow Leopard OS for the MacOsX testing box. And I preferred that to putting ads on the webpage.

Though as of now. While the donation button was up. Total donation sum was about 10€  comeing from one single donation. I feel that advertising paypal with that big huge icon on the website is not justified for that.

If someone still wants to do some paypal donation  use the email  "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." for it. ;-)


*edit: Yes I know about adsense or that putting ads on the page would be a solution. Though I prefer not to do so. May be some day.

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