jUCy Version 0.64 released

With Version 0.64 some little improvements get into UC. Some little feature requests ... like possibility to colour UC. (no restart required to see new colours).

Also interesting for Russian people is that now default charset can be overridden ( FavHubs -> Properties -> Advanced). Which is commonly used in Russian NMDC hubs to conquer the lack of russian characters in windows-1252.


Some bugfixes. Problems loading images for fileendings on Mac should be solved (also happened sometimes under Linux).

Some usability improvements: Hovering over a transfer will now show the full path of the file that is being transferred.

Also now image-URLs posted in mainchat can be clicked and jUCy will load and show them without the need for a browser..

And additional there is a new Plugin that will replace smileys in Chat with little images. Not really a usability improvement but some people like it. If you want more kinds of smileys well talk to me in the forum. May be I missed some important smiley. 

 As it has often been requested jUCy has become open source though I yet can't make my mind up for a licence. I just say for now its open source, though not free software. In the meaning you are allowed to look at the source, though I don't explicitly allow reusing it (If you are a dev and want to use some of the source.. well contact me I am sure we find a solution.).




- Added possibility to change colours and font for all Editors
- Search Editor improvements (Search only OP-hubs and only user with free slots were not implemented, order of hubs is now the same as in FavHubs)
- A Plugin that shows graphical smileys is now available
- Hovering over transfers shows now additional info. (Full path to file, Stats on stuff left in Queue for user)
- Image URLs get now some glasses icon after them. Clicking on that icon will show the image within jUCy.
- Correction to FavHubs .. they were only stored permanently if the FavHubs window was closed.
- Fixed image loading bug primarily happening on Mac, sometimes on Linux and next to never on Windows.
- Its now possible to override the default charset on a per hub basis. This can be used in Russian (or other non windows-1252) NMDC based hubs that often use a different codepage than its common in DC.Zoom Lebron XIV 14Alle Artikel