Jucy 0.86

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If you have not yet given up on Jucy  the lack of recent updates should give you a hint that there is not much development going on anymore on Jucy. But its not nothing at all. So the main reason for this release is maintenance.  In this release there will be some bugfixes and maybe even a feature requested ages ago.

One such maintenance is that I had to remove the translation plugin, as Google no longer provides translation for free and other free services seem not worth it.



  • Fixed escaping of invalid characters for magnet links.
  • Fixed possible deadlock to occur when last file finished and new file was added at the same time.
  • CTRL+UP will now show older messages in a pop-up instead of cycling through them.
  • Improved Magnet URI handling
  • Added -nogui as start option (use in conjunction with -nosplash and be sure to have some FavHub on auto start)
  • Fixed links being not properly displayed when close to the upper border.
  • Fixed some Uploadqueue bug (Users getting disconnected from transfer when other user with same wait duration appears)
  • Some improvements to queuing behaviour of hash jobs.
  • Changed way files are chosen for download when on same priority.
  • Fixed bug that kept finished downloads open, until they were closed for being idle.
  • Fixed Deadlock during shutdown when text indexing is in progress.
  • Improved performance of the log viewer to a usable level.
  • Fixed a Bloomfilter bug that appeared for h > 32


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