Jucy 0.85

Finally ... after 2 days of being offline (Linux and me, we respect each other as worthy foes),  getting back on track!

Sone nice features in this release.  The new translation plugin came in handy a lot of times for me (mark some text in the hub rightclick, translate and done).

Otherwise  lots of nice goodies, soem over time like the download of parent folders in search has simply been forgotten.

Ah well don't want to talk too much about it.. most important: This release is not tested too well! So chances are that some bugfix release comes out by the end of next week ... if not then its better than I thought :-)  !



  • Preview of Audio/Video files now possible (VLC recommended)
  • Multiple shared folders with the same name are now allowed.
  • Download parent folder as option in search.
  • Uninstalling plugins is now possible. (Help -> Find Extensions -> already installed?)
  • Translation plugin. Lets you instantaneously translate text in a hub window.
  • Some startup speedup.
  • Updated base eclipse to 3.6 (should fix several problems specially on MacOsX smileys...)
  • Colours for file names now also for folders in file lists.
  • User Commands now also available for own filelist.
  • Fixed Bug in countries plugin (bad unpacking)

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