Jucy 0.83

Nearly two months since last release...


Though here comes a new release with lots of changes. Just right before the second birthday of Jucy!  jay!!

And specially for the birthday there is thanks to Fox a new Splash and a new main Icon!

All this server crashing really was troublesome ... with forum entries all lost .. kind of sad for the history of the project. Though who cares? It's time for a fresh start.



  • Notepad plugin: Now up to five Notepads.
  • Fixed NMDC MyINFO sending localized Speedstring. (i.e. not using point if local country uses comma)
  • Now the nick in Join/Parts will be coloured according to the user joined.
  • New Database in use (HSQLDB 1.8 -> 2.0) improves speed a lot specially deleting log entries.
  • Added Crypto information to Debugging Plugin (not really helpful).
  • Fixed Problem: Upload speed being counted wrong.
  • Files that are downloaded are now immediately added to share. (finally -> Filelist refresh settings have higher max value)
  • Added Drag and Drop support
    • Files dragged from explorer into mainchat will automatically be added to share and generate a MagnetLink.
    • If you drag the file to the Text where you can write the magnet link will only be generated but not sent immediately.
    • Dragging to PM window -> only that user can download the file.
  • Away icon in Statusline for indicating current away state. (Clicking it changes away state)
  • Pressing down arrow key in search window should now again present past searches.
  • Now one can use /ShowChatterJoins in chat to enable/disable showing joins and parts of people that recently chatted. (On by default!)
  • New Path column in Finished Downloads
  • Fixed persistence storing of files that not yet downloaded TTHL.