jUCy Version 0.62 released

This is mainly a bugfix for the last version.

 So next to no new features. Updates from 0.61 Version should work normally.



- Multiple search results of the same file are now shown as one.
- Files are now coloured in Search and FileLists. (red = in Queue , blue = in share, dark blue = multiple users(search)).
- Added function for importing favorites.xml from DC++ and DC++ based clients. Hubs, UserCommands and Directories are imported.
- Fixed Downloads not updating name of downloaded stuff (correct name not shown in Finished Downloads and Transfers view).
- Some little ADC improvements. (Ignoring of malformed commands, GET is less buggy) but still ADC is not in proper shape.



 Oh and you might have noticed:

 New Website...

 ** Some addition **

There is some larger bug in this version that is affecting ADC protocol (TTH searches are ignored is the worst effect). As I think only a few are affected by this I just replaced the zip files that contained the bug. If you press update your client will also be corrected.

I am sorry for this inconvenience.

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