jucy 0.82

Its time for a new Version. Once Again. And this version got bigger than usual. Not only is the changelog to gigantic. There is also a new plugin available specially targetting developers. It should help debugging connections and might therefore be interesting not only for devs but alsoo interested Operators and Powerusers.

Nah I will stop talking.. just look at the long changelog.



- Fixed partial FileList downloads causing trouble with ApexDC++. (This time for real!)
- Added encrypted active search as a new feature. (ADCS spec enhancement proposal / SUDP )
- Added KEYP protocol extension.
- Fixed closing no longer locking up UI thread. (Some OS asked the user to enforce close.)
- Selecting a transfer will now also reveal the user in the hubwindow. Doubleclick will show the folder of the corresponding file in Explorer.
- Copying text in hub/pm-window will again copy URIs to clipboard.
- Fixed some drawing issues with file transfers.
- Fixed ADC active search not working. (since 0.80 damn! nobody noticed? nobody uses ADC?)
- Fixed annoyance: After finishing download even if a file was on the same partition as the temp directory file was copied over and not just moved.
- Improved Handling of same nick/CID (NMDC/ADC) being in multiple hubs with us.
(- Potentially fixed that 100% CPU usage bug.)
- Added new plug-in that helps debugging connections.
- Improved the usericons a bit (i.e. adding Key with wrong colour palette for OP icons).
- Connection speed now shown in byte instead of bit for better readability.
- Changing Nick while being connected is now possible in ADC, no longer needs closing the hubwindow in NMDC.
- Fixed Bug: CMD in ADC using \ instead of / for hierarchical structure.


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