jucy 0.81

Time for a new Jucy version. Containing as allways some bugfixes and some new features (I need those to produce more new bugs).

Mac users profit of this release most... i.e. the greyscale trayicon might fit better in the OsX look. Besides Mac now gets a 64Bit release  for everyone running a core 2 Intel or later in combination with Leopard or later. Benefit of 64Bit version as on all OS is mainly the increased hashing speed. Otherwise differences should not be noticeable.

Fixed some nasty problems causing trouble with Apex's partial filelist loading ... thanks goes to O1  for his debugging help!

As new Features there is  showing joins and parts of users. (type /showjoins /showfavjoins  to enable or disable it)

Also Jucy does allow sending pms to offline users. i.e. if you have a pmwindow open to another user that went offline you can still write a pm and press enter. Jucy will then send the PM as soon as the other user is online again.

Thats wraps it up .. so it seems..  Happy New Year!




- Added possibility to show joins and parts of users and favusers in chat.
- Downloading filelist from a file context will now automatically navigate to that file on finishing download.
- Made MacOsX tray icon grey scale.
- Fixed partial FileList downloads causing trouble with ApexDC++.
- Adding 64 Bit build to releases for MacOsX.
- Private Messages will now be stored if the another user is offline and sent when he comes online again.



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