jucy 0.80

Jay finally a large new Version one would think.. but thats not the case.. I think I have long given up any major / minor version numbering.. so this is not version 0.8.0  its just version 80 the one after 79. Though some version numbers have been lost somewhere on the way.

Nah anyway still there is a major change  beside a new Icon which is pretty big. The real major change especially for all those lawyers out there is the new licence. Jucy is from now on published under an open source licence. To be more precise under FreeBSD licence. Which has some nice benefits like I could have http://berlios.de now host some git repository for me (ah another change jucy source moved now from subversion to git).

Beside that have a look into the changelog  its primarily evolution not revolution. The new Link handling is kind of nice. Allowing you to show images in the chat also with MagnetURIs that point to images not just with http stuff. Besides now also links for hublinks are added with possibility to directly add them as favourite hubs.

Only problematic feature for this version might be the PDF parseing for full text searching in pdf (to not strain your pc too much only if another user selects Documents on search fulltext search is done, also people probably don't want to get such results when searching generally). Problematic because it might make jucy a bit unstable while parseing. Though thats a one time job and might as well work without problems.



- Added setting to change time notification Popup is shown.
- Added URL handling for adc://, nmdc:// and dchub:// links in chat.
- Reworked URI handling for Magnet links (Magnets parsed and shown, also one can now embed images in Chat of magnets like it was possible with http before).
- Now Timestamps for chat can be changed (under Appearance) i.e. [HH:mm:ss] for showing seconds.
- The Full Text search for documents now also includes pdf files.
- Added option to reroute PMs to mainchat -> no more PM-windows (except you open them).
- Fixed Button clicking problems appearing on Ubuntu 9.10
- Found reason for update/extension installing on MacOsX not working.
- New Icon. Thanks goes to Fox!
- Added option to not set away message on minimize.


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