jucy Version 0.79

Version 0.79 ... jay .. some improvements.. especially some nasty bugs are out.. hopefully this time its without some bugfix shortly after releasing...

New Version contains quite some change.. but see for your self in the changelog.



- Some changes to gui. (Progress moved bottom -> top, Transfers view can be closed at the bottom).
- Added a Downloads View. Where all Downloads can be observed and viewed per file.
- Fixed adding hub in FavHubs not working on Linux. (again one of those 0.77 bugs *sigh)
- Removed some irregular occuring error on actions on doubleclicks.
- Fixed bug in own IP detection.
- Traffic Limiter can now be adjusted from clicking on Transfer Speed Labels in StatusBar.
- Fixed some transparency issues with drawn stuff (flags, smileys,...)
- Notification Popup (Toaster) looks now better (Swing -> SWT)
- Added some key bindings for usual OS specific commands (close active window, mark all text,...)
- Fixed: Advanced settings not saved if FavHub was just created.
- Added Full Text search for documents (txt,nfo). Indexing of pdf files currently disabled due to some unresolved problems in parsing.



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