jucy Version 0.78

And another version of jucy.. even though I planned more stability improvements here. Well some got in.. though its again a version that has seen lots of refactoring. Though now mainly in the UI part and less in the code part. So I am confident not to have brought in another bunch of new problems, but besides bringing out a few new gimnicks into the gui (some icons in right click menus, some nice bars in DownloadQueue). I think I rather reduced problem count compared to 0.77.


So finally 0.78 is out and waiting to be taken on a spin ... just hit the update button or grab your download from the Download section.



- Fixed some Bugs introduced due to refactoring in 0.77. i.e. error with DH keypair generation
- Added Magnet handling from within the chat. Jucy won't register with the OS to accept links from the browser.
- Added some more settings for Colours used in jucy.(Files, Links)
- Polished the right-click menus (some icons added,some are more dynamic now, Hub menu is now on the tab of the hub)
- Added some progress bar in DownloadQueue where on can see the progress of each file.


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