jucy Version 0.77

One Month already gone?

Time for a new Jucy release. Hopefully this time I am going to be more lucky than the last time.

Though actually jucy is currently going through a lot of quality improvements. Rewrite for cleaner code, unit testability and and and...

This might have negative side effect for the short term as lots of changed and refactored code means lots of untested code... and unittests are only a minority currently. Though number is increasing. In the long run I am hopeing to get a lot of quality improvement and this will be needed as now people have joined to do translations (better Internatinalizability is the next thing to go for). So a real development process  will  be needed in future.

Ah well .. for now.. be assured this version should work better than 0.76 though way worse than 0.78 will be.



- Fixed preferred Encryption Protocol to be TLS and not SSL. Also RC4 and MD5 are no longer supported.
- Fixed Bug: Another deadlock in encrypted connections. Though much less probable than the one that lead to 0.76 release.
- CTRL + Arrow_UP / CTRL + Arrow_DOWN can now be used to navigate through line history.
- Fixed Bug: Adding/Removing Hublists not worked for several versions.
- LED on the Bottom will now also show status of TLS port, also UPnP will try to create portmappings for TLS if needed.
- Fixed one more ugly deadlock that could appear when sending a PM or MC message.
- Fixed $ForceMove not being accepted if sent before $Hello. And placed setting for not automatically following redirect.
- Implemented an upload queue. Users that waited longest will now be preferred when requesting a slot.
- Added an Export all Button to Logviewer.
- Implemented Bloomfilter for ADC.
- Fixed Bug bad display of search results for multiple results with same hash.
- Fav User Windows has changed. Now Favourite Users and Users with slots are separated.
- Colouring of nicks in chat is now also applicable to nicks in the userlist.


Air Max 90 VT QSM2k Tekno