jucy Version 0.75

Lots and lots of changes...

Though this is a highly experimental version .. that might have some drawbacks... New Updatemanager is build in that might give problems until its totally under control.. (beta testing is fun isn't it?) Negative effects are for now that updating to 0.75 won't work. And I still seem to have problems with the MacOSX version. Window manager there  is exchanged (carbon -> cocoa) though the icon of the app seems not to be accepted... but this will be fixed till next version (at least I am confident).

On the positive side... lots of new features.. and 2 important bugs are fixed:

The automatic creation of TLS certificates  and the bug with the alternatives tabs that crashed jucy on start (making it impossible to go back to the old settings)

Most important features:

Uploadlimiter has finally become possible as next DC++ version will also implement one! jay!

Also something nice is now that if you receive a pm while typing, jucy will defer opening the pm window until you finished typing. Benefit is that you messages no longer go partly to the wrong person.

Also nice and new is that rightclicking on a nick in a pm window will also show a usermenu.  

So please grab the zips from the downloadpage.



- Added support for SOCKS5 proxys.
- Compression Ratio column in Transfers view.
- Fixed Bug: Operator Status (and more) not being accepted in ADC hubs.
- Fixed creation of self signed certs for TLS on MacOSX and Linux.
- Better pop-up menu in pm window. (right-click on username works like in hub window)
- Fixed incorrect colours used in transfers view and logging window.
- MAC OS X: Moving from Carbon to Cocoa as window manager.
- Fixed Bug: Appearance -> Use Alternative Tabs crashing on start.
- Behaviour: While typing opening new PM windows is deferred so when you press enter not some part of a PM goes to a different user.
- Added possibility to choose the network interface used by jucy.
- Added upload limiter. (Next DC++ version will have one therefore jucy can have it too)
- Added finer Granularity to priority system in DownloadQueue.
- Update to more modern update System.