jUCy Version 0.74 released

And another Version of jucy comes out...

 This time there are some improvements to ADC ... UserCommands should now finally work.

Also ADCS implementation is finished. Encrypted Client-Client connections are now alo possible.

More positive stuff is that search structure was changed to an inverted index.. which should make a noticeable difference in memory usage to anyone sharing lots of files.

The rest is only minor Stuff. Own filelist is no longer stored on disc. And a possibility to limit the Hashspeedand Filelist refresh specially for users with network drive was implemented. So most improvements are rather not visible...


New in the lineup of jucy  is one version that should work on ppc architecture (up to now there was only a x86 version around though I was convinced that there are still a lot of ppc Mac users around.) First I wanted to remove Carbon completly and replace it with Cocoa .. sadly getting the Cocoa to work was not as easy as hoped ... so may be next time.. may be not.. we will see. If it happens Carbon users will notice this by being unable to get updated ;-) .



- ADCS connections to clients work.
- Usercommands in ADC should now work.
- Added possibility to ask before shutdown.(Preferences -> Appearance)
- Added possibility to limit hash speed and change filelist refresh interval.
- Changed indexing method from Suffixarray to an Inverted index -> less memory usage! (about 5 MiB less per 10k shared files)
- Own filelist is no longer written to disc.
- Fixed some minor Bugs.Nike SneakersAdidas