jUCy Version 0.73 released

Just about one year after the first public beta release its time for Version 0.73.

Which is quite  a large release at least I am proud of it as there are some really nice features. ADCS connections to hubs  was long awaited... though its only to hubs client-client traffic is still unencryted, but will be available sooner or later.

Then a new hash-library is in use that is about 30% faster than the old one. Which is quite an improvement. Another nice change is that the table in the search window now behaves like a tree so you can have a look at each singel result in case of SearchResults with multiple users.

 Well thats about it for now... some more bugfixes... though nothing specially noteable.



- ADCS connection to hubs are now possible.
- Hashing now about 30% faster.
- Test implementation of UserCommands for ADC.
- Added more toaster options. And separated sound from toaster so sound can be played without toaster.
- New "Chat Only" functionality to disable sharing in certain hubs.
- New %[Directory] and %[filePath] variables for UserCommands.
- Smiley Plugin: New ToolBar item added to choose smileys by picture.
- Added possibility to use multi-line tabs. Though these are ugly and therefore made optional.
- Search now is a tree widget allowing results with multiple users to be seen each for itself.


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