jUCy Version 0.72 released


 Finally a new Version is out.. yet not in February ... though in beginning of March (Hah now I have time till end of April for a new release *g)
Changelog is small. Though some things have already proven valueable for me: The new Toaster box that comes up on getting a PM helped
me to get remembered for new PMs optional for the box is also an annoying sound. May be in the next version there will be settings to change that sound.. may be. Currently a lot of work that goes into jucy flows into a new Plugin that will add Operator functionality. Though it is still not done and Operator functionality is also a branch that will grow over time... I hope to release an advanced ADL search targetting Operators for next Version.

I also added some dialog to manage installed Plugins.. so you can also uninstall or disable Plugins that you installed.
Also another important improvement is adding a Referred field in Client Client connections.  This will  help to find hubs that are misused for DDoS attacks so they will be removed from public hublists and taken down.

And it should be noted that version 0.71 was the first version till now that got more than 1000 downloads! Jay party!



- Setting Maximum simultaneous downloads finally works. Should be the last setting that was put into gui though never implemented.
- Now users get an automatic slot for files smaller than 64KiB like it is common in the rest of DC.
- Extended the Help system a bit. Now Help for creating User Commands is provided.
- Searching in search results with Strg-F now enabled... - Added a toaster box that can pop up when a new PM arrives somewhere in the background. Inclusive an annoying sound.
- Added dialog to manage installed plug-ins. (uninstalling,disabling/enabling)
- Added Referrer in Client-Client connections so attacked parties can find source of DDoS.




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