jUCy Version 0.71 released

Jay version 0.71 is there.

Its mainly a bugfix version though not totally of the last version. Its more bugs that were there for a long time. Most important bugfixes are that a memory leak was identified. The other thing was a not totally working LockToKey algorithm that made problems with some hubsofts.

Though some little new features are in there.  Like some Drag&Drop support for the downloadqueue and possibility for excluding tempfiles from the share (in the settings under Advanced.. though better just don't touch it.. should work well as it is).

Nothing more to say. Just how happy I am that this memory leak was finally found.


- Fixed Problems with LockToKey mechanism not working sometimes.
- Changed image URLs on single click images will now be embedded in text instead of showing as pop-up.
- Fixed Bug: Download of large files ( > 5.4 GiB) resulted in an Error. Result: Large files not being downloadable.
- Added Drag and Drop support in DownloadQueue. Makes moving around files a bit easier.
- Fixed one Bug throwing NullpointerExceptions (ConnectionProtocol.setState(ConnectionProtocol.java:273))
- Fixed ADL Search not allowing to change an entry. Also made changes so non active items are distinguishable from active ones.
- Fixed Bug that resulted in endless re-hashing of files if the case in the name was changed. Happened only on case insensitive file systems.
- Fixed Bug a memory leak, each FileList refresh leaked 1-2 MiB of memory.
- Added possibility to filter unwanted files from the share (good for filtering unfinished torrent files if you torrent client supports different endings.)




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