jUCy Version 0.70 released

Finally a new Version again.

And its one I am really proud of. Not primarily because of the new features and the new style (new splashscreen.. new Icons). Mainly its maturity.

Specially problems with reconnecting to hubs that seemed to have failed sometimes are now a problem of the past. Also some improvements to the Mac OS X GUI have been done. The not functioning menu items now work there. Also the Mac version has now a trayicon too. 

All in all a lot of improvements towards the goal of having a mature client have been done. Thats the reason for the new 7 in front of the version number.   

Also I would like to announce a new Plugin. The "Countrys" plugin. It allows you wo show little flags in chat and in Transfers View. Also this adds a new column in the nicklist to tell you from which city users are. Though be aware.. the database for the ip lookup is rather large (20MiB) so its a large plugin.


Though there are some negative sides.. some goals have not been reached. ADCS is still on the todo-list. Also ZPipe implementation showed problems with a tested hub and is therefore disabled.

About the new ueber cool looking splash screen that was created for me by Fox. Stupidly splashscreens are nothing that is updateable. If you want to see it, the only chance to get it is not to use the update function, but redownload jUCy *sight*. 

Though thats minor problems. Mainly I am now happy to release the most stable jUCy version ever right before Christmas.

Wish you a

Merry Christmas.




- New icons for jUCy. Thanks goes to Fox for the design!
- PM windows load Text of last chat on opening. (If logging was enabled)
- MacOSX: Correction of behaviour with Preferences and Exit in application menu.
- Log messages no longer go to text files but are now stored in the database. Log directory is obsolete.
- Search now uses native search widget, if that is available on your OS.
- Automatic search for alternatives implemented.
- Fixed Bug: Error Dialog shown when Image URL clicked did not contain an image. Now the URL is opened in the browser if showing within jUCy fails.
- Pugin Search Spy: Bad colours on Windows for Search Spy Icon in View Menu fixed.
- Now its possible to give nicks in chat a different colour/font for own nick, operator nicks, and favourite users' nicks.
- New plugin available: "Countrys" allows you to show flags to users in mainchat (if jUCy knows the IP of the other) though be aware the database needed for this is about 20 MiB in size so this plugin is large.
- Possibility to disable contributions of the plugins. (Text Modifications like Smileys or table columns and table column decorations like Country plugin has them. Found under Preferences -> Appearance)
- Messages received over UDP will now also make use of overridden charset in the hub.
- Smiley Plugin: Now much more smileys available by default. Thanks to arj!
- Fixed Bug: Priorities in DownloadQueue were not persisted.
- Fixed Bug: Positively resolved DNS addresses were cached too long. Which may have made it impossible to reconnect to a hub after an IP change
- Fixed Bug: Reconnects/automatic reconnecting to hub sometimes not working.




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