Jucy 0.87

Again a long time has passed, since the last version was uploaded.

This here again is a maintenance update. While you may have noticed an increase in these kind of security updates due to the infamous heartbleed bug:

Jucy is not affected by this bug and this is just a non critical update!

Jucy 0.87 fixes some problems and inconveniences that got my attention:




  • Jucy now regenerates certificates if they are expired
  • Speed up for DownloadQueue (changes/startup)
  • Fixed error message in log from IPv6 test at startup
  • TLSv1.2 now allowed in ADCS/NMDCS
  • Fixed ADCGET/GET now behave correctly if flags are not in expected order


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Jucy 0.86

If you have not yet given up on Jucy  the lack of recent updates should give you a hint that there is not much development going on anymore on Jucy. But its not nothing at all. So the main reason for this release is maintenance.  In this release there will be some bugfixes and maybe even a feature requested ages ago.

One such maintenance is that I had to remove the translation plugin, as Google no longer provides translation for free and other free services seem not worth it.



  • Fixed escaping of invalid characters for magnet links.
  • Fixed possible deadlock to occur when last file finished and new file was added at the same time.
  • CTRL+UP will now show older messages in a pop-up instead of cycling through them.
  • Improved Magnet URI handling
  • Added -nogui as start option (use in conjunction with -nosplash and be sure to have some FavHub on auto start)
  • Fixed links being not properly displayed when close to the upper border.
  • Fixed some Uploadqueue bug (Users getting disconnected from transfer when other user with same wait duration appears)
  • Some improvements to queuing behaviour of hash jobs.
  • Changed way files are chosen for download when on same priority.
  • Fixed bug that kept finished downloads open, until they were closed for being idle.
  • Fixed Deadlock during shutdown when text indexing is in progress.
  • Improved performance of the log viewer to a usable level.
  • Fixed a Bloomfilter bug that appeared for h > 32


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Jucy 0.85

Finally ... after 2 days of being offline (Linux and me, we respect each other as worthy foes),  getting back on track!

Sone nice features in this release.  The new translation plugin came in handy a lot of times for me (mark some text in the hub rightclick, translate and done).

Otherwise  lots of nice goodies, soem over time like the download of parent folders in search has simply been forgotten.

Ah well don't want to talk too much about it.. most important: This release is not tested too well! So chances are that some bugfix release comes out by the end of next week ... if not then its better than I thought :-)  !



  • Preview of Audio/Video files now possible (VLC recommended)
  • Multiple shared folders with the same name are now allowed.
  • Download parent folder as option in search.
  • Uninstalling plugins is now possible. (Help -> Find Extensions -> already installed?)
  • Translation plugin. Lets you instantaneously translate text in a hub window.
  • Some startup speedup.
  • Updated base eclipse to 3.6 (should fix several problems specially on MacOsX smileys...)
  • Colours for file names now also for folders in file lists.
  • User Commands now also available for own filelist.
  • Fixed Bug in countries plugin (bad unpacking)

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Jucy 0.84


Its about time for this new version to appear, isn't it?  But don't get your hopes up to much its mainly a bugfix version, which isn't a bad thing.

Raison d'être is that I have been busy in the last 3 Months. My studies in computer science  came to an end and I finally got some Masters degree.  So I invested lots of time into my thesis and not into Jucy ... only did bugfixes and next to no new features. Well at least there is now a screenshot feature which allows you to send screenshots directly as magnet links into the chat. But thats about it.

Hmm whats more to say about this version: Its Java 6 only! While the last version already had problems with Java 5 on the Mac (Thanks goes to Apple) , this version definately needs Java 6 everywhere! Needing Java 6 though should be unproblematic as its everywhere available and you should have that installed already. Only on Mac you need at least Snow Leopard os to get Java 6. If you don't have that: try Jucy 0.82 / or buy the snowy cat.

Have fun with it and I hope the next release will again be in about a month.




  • Fixed error occurring sometimes when immediately adding a file which is not referenced with an absolute path.
  • Added a workaround for database not openable. This can happen if on upgrade from 0.82 the db was not shut down properly. Now Jucy will just delete the database (this forces rehashing).
  • %[fileMN] as parameter for user commands added (creates a Magnetlink).
  • ADL search has now regexp support.
  • /topic in mainchat will now print the current topic so it can be copy/pasted or better read!
  • Fixed problem hashing files above 25 GiB. (db refused to store the interleaves)
  • Library for PDF text extraction updated (used for full text indexing)
  • Fixed Country plugin sometimes error prevented showing what was typed
  • Fixed Bug: ADCS buffer problem fixed (ADCS+BLOM -> problem)! (thanks goes to poy and eMTee for their help debugging this)
  • New button for scroll lock, and for hide userlist in hub window. New Button for show/hide side bar in search and download queue window.
  • Fixed that opening file lists via File menu blocked the gui, until the file list opened.
  • Send screenshot functionality (right click on hub/pm tab).


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