No jUCy release this Month

This month there won't be any jUCy release. That is not only because I have a lot to do... more important reason is that I made several large changes and plan to do some more. The negative effect of large changes is a larger number of bugs as a result. And currently the bug count seems not to converge. What means that releasing now would just result in a unstable version (more unstable than usual).

Though I am optimistic that for next month there will be a release with lots of new stuff... Just to tease you what is already done is:

- Native Seearch Widgets are now used in search windows (if the OS supports it)

- Nick colouring in Mainchat (colour self,Ops or Favourits differently)

- A Plugin that will show little flags to users so you can see where others are from. 


And some bugfixes to older problems. Things I still hope to do are ZPipe and ADCS  support (preparations for these resulted in the large changes named above) among some other things...


Wish you a nice Advent season.


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