One year of jucy

One year  has passed since the first public release of jucy.

Since then the userbase has grown from 2 users to a few hundred by now. Thats quite astonishing for me... never expected so many people would use a client that is still in beta.

As I am not going to release a new version .. or declare end of Beta by now. I want to sum up a bit where jucy will be heading. But first: Why not the end of public beta?

 As long as every release is a beta  I can throw out every or  nearly every month one release with the latest changes and bugfixes  without much of a testing. Thats the primary reason ... calling it beta allows me to go on providing versions without any QA.  Also build server and stuff are still something problematic .. and I never took enougth time to write the needed scripts for this. 


Where will jucy be going during the comeing year?

Well most important: It is not going to die!   Though it might receive a few less updates till end of year because of a Master thesis I will be working on. Though less does not mean none ... there will be updates, as no work and no play...  there is allways room for free time and some recreational coding.

What are the planned features to come?

ADCS is still on my wishlist... though I ran into a lot of problems .. as non blocking IO and TLS in combinations has provided a challenge for me.

Some more work will be going into an Operator-Plugin section.  Which will contain some helpers to do operator work. One thing almost done for example is an advanced ADL search. I choose for this as the first step as an feature rich ADL search was allways the most important feature in operator client for me, right next to a fakeshare detection. 

The rest is a secret for now. And might due to the comeing work on the thesis be procrastinated.  Though I still hope to bring lots of new features for jucy in the comeing year!

Happy First April!


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