A License for jucy

Finally a decision has been made about a licence for jUCy.

As I have already said I would prefer if everyone was allowed to look at the source though nobody should modify or reuse it without permission. (Imho having to ask to use someone else work is not to much of a hinderance.)

I am lucky that there already exists a licence that does that. Its the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0.

As there is some code which I think is of general use and which is put in the  de.du_hub.uc.helpers  plugin that code shall be under Public Domain.

The next relese.. which is still a lot of time away from now will come with that changed licence. And notification in the helpers plugin.


All this is of course only interesting for you if you are a developer.. as a normal user this licence problematic doesn't really affect you except for theological reasons.

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