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How to report bugs

Posted by Quicksilver 
How to report bugs
March 28, 2010 02:52PM
If you encountered something that seems to be a bug.
i.e. Jucy presented you with an error message:

To fix it I need to get the log files Jucy writes.
Its 2 files in total.
They are both to be found in Jucy's workspace. On Windows this is: "C:\Users\<username>\UC"
and on Unix based systems also in the home directory just with a . .. i.e. "~/.UC" i.e. "/home/<username>/.UC"

There the file "error.log" and in the file ".metadata/.log" are the 2 logfiles I need.

You can post them here best by simßply uploading them to [pastebin.com] and putting just the link here into the forum.

Please also include in your post the version of Jucy you are using and what you did when the problem occured.

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